Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Preliminary Work !!

I have opened this blog as part of my A-level Media course work.
As part of my preliminary work i had to produce a front cover and contents page for a school magazine. I first of all had to take photos for the cover:

Below you can see the photo which i chose for my front cover: I liked this image as it was a suitable medium shot of the model looking directly into the camera, i thought this would be good for my main image on the front cover as it draws the reader straight to it.

I then edited the photo on Pphoto shop to cut out the person and get rid of the background, this was so that the focus was totally on the model and not the distractions of what was going on in the background. I then placed the photo onto a coloured background still on photo shop and added a title and surrounding subheadings and images. I made the title Big and bold, and a totally different colour from the background so that it didn't just blend in. I then added a drop shadow to the heading to make it more eye catching. I added a bar code and menu bar along the bottom of the page, with bold text in it to encourage the buyer to purchase it.

Here are my finished front cover and contents page.

On my contents page I have used a light background and darker text, this contrast means that you can clearly read the text. I again added a large title so that it stands out and then carried on the theme of the school logo. I added large page numbers so they are bold and clearly visible and then had a small sub paragraph of each page story. With the images i have added a auto shape behind them and added a drop shadow to this, this gives the image more effect and makes it look like it is standing out from the page.

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