Tuesday, 5 May 2009



In what ways does you media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

I feel that my media project is like that of a real media project in many ways. For example the layout of the front cover portrays the same kind of layout as other magazine covers; for example the large heading in the top middle of the page is bold and eye catching like that of others, it stands out and uses pink and white colours, which is carried out throughout the rest of that page. I have also added a ‘tag line’ underneath the master heading. I think this is will become a hook line for my magazine and would be something that people would recognise, it is unique and catchy. The images which I have used follow typical conventions of real media, a large image in the centre of the page representing the main story, it is large enough to become the main focus however isn’t too big that it over crowds the rest of the text. I think the image is particularly good to use as it is giving a realistic sense of what sort of genre the magazine has. It shows a pop/dance theme which will attract those people who wish to purchase this type of magazine. The model is wearing bright colours and is an attractive girl, which the young female audience will look up to, the pose of the model I feel is very successful as she is looking directly at the camera, this is again a technique which is already used in real media as it draws the reader to look at it, she is standing suggesting a dance affect which I also feel is successful in order to attract the reader. I have also used a bar code, and added a price, again a typical example of original products already available. My magazine is a monthly product, which is why it has the month named as the date rather than a specific week date. My contents page also follows conventions of existing media, by this I mean that it follows the same layout of other products, for example when I looked at other products I noticed that there was a simple series of photos representing stories inside the magazine, I followed this example and added four photos along the bottom of my page, also there is regularly a list of stories split up into different sections; I therefore divided my page into three, world exclusive, features, and on the cover this is once again a regular technique used in real magazines. To maintain a house style I have used the same subheading which follows the theme from my front cover and then in the corner of the contents page is a copy of the front cover, I researched this by looking at other contents pages. My article follows the simple conventions of that of others also; there are six columns which I have used, each following the theme of question and answer interview, I have included quotes which I feel was necessary after researching other articles. And finally I have included one large image and a number of smaller ones, all of the ‘singer’ included in my article.

How does your media product represent particular social groups?

My product is aimed at the female audience who are interested in pop music, simply as it has a theme which follows that of dance and pop music, there are girl bands and gossip pages included in the magazine and in my opinion would not be as suited for a male gender. It is aimed at a working class group as I feel my magazine is a suitable price for the working class market to be able to purchase the magazine and fashion followed throughout my product from celebrities. I also feel there is a certain social group that it is aimed for, and don’t believe that it will appeal to Goth or rock audience, I aimed it at a audience who enjoys the dance and pop genre, and feel teenagers will also enjoy it more rather than a older audience. I feel that the working class people will be most likely to purchase this magazine as it is a reasonable price and has those features of a typical magazine, such as chat columns and gossip interviews.

What kind of media institution might distribute product and why?

I think that because of the unique style of my magazine product that there would be no gap in the market for a company like Bauer to distribute my magazine, as it is a different style and genre to any of the existing products on the market such as Mojo and Q magazine.

Who would be the audience for your media product?

In my opinion music magazines with a pop orientated genre are most likely to appeal to a younger female audience, I feel that the male audience generally read mostly, however not always rock orientated magazines and not generally at a younger age. Like I have previously mentioned I have aimed my magazine to the teenage audience which I feel will be successful as it includes features which the younger female audience look for such as free pop concert tickets and the latest celebrity gossip. A working class audience in my opinion would be a successful target as it is a reasonable price for young girls to be able to purchase. I feel that it would appeal to those who are regularly have spare change and wish to purchase it, those who are interested in music and wish to catch up on the latest stories from their favourite bands or artists.

How did you attract/address your audience?

I feel that my magazine attracts the expected audience in many ways; I first of all composed a survey which I handed out to a number of people. From this I gathered information about what the majority of people enjoyed and wished for in a magazine. I have therefore added stories to the cover and contents page that will be suited to my audience. I have produced my product based on these ideas and think that the genre, colour scheme and interview suit what was asked for. Also from the existing products which I researched i was able to see what customers preferred and didn’t prefer in magazine already on the market. I included the interview rather than a basic report as I feel these appeals to the younger audience as they aspire to be like celebrities and wish to hear about their stories. From existing products I was able to see what sort of shots I needed to take for my main photos, a medium close up with the model looking directly at the camera. I feel that I was successful in doing this as I produced a clear image for my front cover which in my opinion will attract the audience, as it is like other products by the size and also structure, for example most magazines I researched had a medium close up of a attractive model, so that others were interested to look. I have used bright vibrant colours on the model to again attract a young female audience. In my contents page I have included stories which people suggested that they were interested in from my survey which I previously mentioned, I also included reviews from popular band names, which I found was a popular theme throughout the magazines I had researched. to sell more copies i took advantages of the theory of uses and gratifications (Blumler & Katz 1974) because i used models the same age range as my target audience so they could relate to them & aspire to be like them

I showed copies of my final magazine to members of my target audience and they were very positive about the final result. i showed it to one of my friends Trudy Smith and she said 'wow this looks like a really professional magazine and if it was available to buy i would definitely have to purchase it.' i was pleased with the feedback i recieved.

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Through my product I have learned a number of new techniques, for example I have edited and colours and tones on the layouts of each of my pages. I have taken a number of photos using different shots, to capture a successful image for my final product. I have also cut and edited photos on Photo shop; I have adjusted the contrast and tones of the photos in order to make them look more affective and suitable to be presented on my magazine. I have learned how to manipulate digital images and have also established how to incorporate text and images on the page: I have added outer glows to the text on my front cover as an extra effect and have learnt how to add added detail to simple shapes such as drop shadows. For my article I have learnt how to construct a simple layout of columns and layout and in the text have used colloquial language to appeal to my audience. I have edited pictures by changing the hue, saturation and many other aspects in order to perfect my final product.

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Since my preliminary work I feel my final product has been improved dramatically. I believe this is simply due to the amount of research I have studied since then. After my preliminary work I started to look through existing products on the market and researched what the audiences where interested in. I have produced more research into products, and looked at theory in terms of research: I have took into consideration how audience research is necessary to compete with these real media pieces, and tried to aim my work to be at a acceptable standard. I have thought about the page design and use of colour; For example I have included a lot more detailed text on the front cover and contents page, all of my information and images which I have used are actually relevant to the market I am aiming my final product at. Also I have improved my practical skills whilst constructing my final product. I feel I have a better interpretation of what my final product should be expected to look like than what I did when I constructed my preliminary work. In my opinion my practical skills are at a much higher standard, I can now judge which is a suitable size, font and colour of text and have a better understanding of what people expect to read on their magazine. I have filled the space better on all pieces of my work, and have a more realistic layout than my previous work. The basic cutting and editing of the photos which I have used has improved, and overall I feel I have successfully created a suitable final product, hugely improved from my preliminary work.


For my article i have first created a double page title, on this i have added a large image, and then on the opposite side of the page, i have a large heading and a article introduction.
I have kept the same house style as the rest of my pages, and used black & pink.
I have however used green and yellow text on my first page of my article as it links in with the colours of the photo.

Here is my first double page.

I have made my article based on what questions i think will appeal to my audience.

here is my article interview.

In the space of just 6 weeks it has sure been proven that Josie is already a popular hit in the public eye! Not only has she released her new album, set dates for her up and coming tour, bought a £3million 2nd home in LA and climbed straight to the top of the charts she has managed to juggle her busy lifestyle and live her new celeb lifestyle in London pubs and clubs, but things haven’t always been this good, Josie tells us all about her troubled childhood and crushed dreams!

Were all dying to here where this all begun...
It’s simple really every singer has longed to be where I am now since they were watching their idols and singing in the mirror with a hairbrush. I started singing when I was only about 4, performed in a number of talent shows at school and been involved in a singing school since the age of 7. It all just grew from there really, a dream come true!
But you make it sound so easy; we know you’ve got yourself through a few troubles on your way?
Yes, definitely one of the down falls of all this popularity and publicity is that your family life is always brought up no matter how much in the past it is. My mum became involved in drugs when I was only 12, she left me and my 3 older brothers, this was really hard for us all but we’ve brought our way through it as a family, even if it does mean she hasn’t been with me through all this recent success.
Sorry to hear about that, so we heard earlier you used to sing in the mirror and aspire to be like you’re idol, who’s been the person you’ve always looked up to?
It’s got to be Mariah Carey, no doubt about it, love her! ,, She’s just so perfect, everyone loves her.
So a full album to look forward to hearing, sounds good, we know they are all your own songs what your favourite?
Well my number 1 has to be the winner; it’s called bubble gum for all those who haven’t heard it. It was actually my second song I produced, really catchy and was great to record. You will love it, I do! I even got to spend time in St Tropez for the shooting of my video, so much fun!
Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself, so how are you baring with hearing yourself on the radio, or seeing yourself on T.V?
Oh, it’s still really exciting, I still have a smile on my face when I hear my name on the radio, and love all those people coming up to me and asking for my autograph, it’s so surreal at the moment, I can’t believe I’ve finally achieved my dream! I’m not going to lie being in the public eye really is as good as it looks, although yes there are the downsides of not having your own privacy, my family history as an example but I’m just loving it!
We can see you’ve been busy with your new exciting work load, but what have you managed to do in your spare time?
I love to do what any other girl does... shopping, partying and chilling with friends, I may lead a busy lifestyle compared to what I’ve been used to but, a girls ‘gotta’ do what she does best, and when a bit of free time comes my way I just can’t resist a good old pamper!
A number 1, fantastic achievement for you, but which female singers do you see yourself competing against most?
Well to be honest I’m not trying to make any enemies this early into my career, I’ve just got to take every hurdle as it is thrown at me and if that means having to work extra hard to compete with other singers then so be it, but I can’t put my finger on anybody in specific right now, come back to me on that one next time, and I may have a different answer! [She laughs].
We’ll look forward to it... so who have you made friends with out there in the celeb world and who do you dislike while where on that note?
Well as you know I’ve recently bought a LA home, I’ve met loads of great people when I’ve been over there, Lindsay Lohan I’ve become really close to her, can't beat a Lindsay party, I don’t no really, there’s loads of new people, but of course when I’m back here in the UK I still keep in touch with all of my friends from my London home. My boyfriend Nick, he’s been great through all of the big changes, I still see him but with all of the extra work it’s hard to spend as much time together. When I’m away we’re never off the phone at night, I love him! As for dislikes I couldn’t say, like I said before I’m not one to make enemies, I have to say though Duffy seems a bit stuck up at times, I’ve never spoke to her so I shouldn’t comment though... next question quick!
We’ve heard about the shooting of your video, so the next big step is your tour!
Yes, I can’t wait, I’ve been so busy preparing, learning all dance moves, rehearsing songs over and over again, and having to be fitted for all my fab costumes! I’m such a girly girl and all of this is just so exciting, I love being taken care of so makeup and hair trials are brilliant! It’s such hard work at the same time though, I’m going to be touring in 6 arenas throughout the UK, The o2 being the one I’m most excited for. My best friend Louise is coming with me through the whole tour, I couldn’t cope with all of this if it wasn’t for her, when I have one of my breakdowns at 3 in the morning she’s the one been on the other end of the phone, my right hip! But yeah, the whole thing is so surreal at the minute and to be honest I don’t think it will sink in until I’m performing in front of thousands!
This has all happened so quickly, where do you see yourself this time next year?
No-one can say where they are going to be in a year’s time but I would like to think I’ll still be keeping up the success in my career, I am trying to seal a deal for my 2nd album in November of this year, but long term I really want to perform worldwide, I’ve worked so hard to get this far I just don’t want it to end!
And finally the question we can’t resist asking... if you were taken to a desert island which lucky man would you wish to be there with?
My boyfriend of course, I mean someone like Mr Channing Tatum could never go a miss I suppose [laughs] but for now I’ll stick to my Nick!

For my 2Nd double page, i have the full interview. I have then added a large image in the top right corner of the page, which is the pop stars CD cover, i have also added a few photos down the side of this, which links in with the theme on my contents page.

I have added affects to the photos, such as light levels to make them look more effective. I have also added a black auto shape to the smaller images to make them stand out more.

The questions and answers on the article are different colours so that it is clear, and have added page numbers to the corners to match with those on my contents page. Here is my final article page.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Contents page

I no that for my contents page i want a balance of images and text.

I also want to continue the colour scheme from the front page

You can now see that i have created another canvas on photo shop in order to create my contents page. i have made the page the same dimensions and resolution as the front cover.

Here is the beginning of my contents page, you can see that i have continued the colour scheme of the magazine, and have put a pink background. I have then added a bold title, with the same style font as the cover. The writing stands out and is clear to read. I have added the same subheading to the title, as this is unique to my magazine and will appear all of the time.

I have also added a copy of my cover to the contents page, i have made this smaller and in the corner along side my title.

I think this is good and a typical convention used on contents pages, as it shows the main story titles from the cover and you can quickly find out which page number they are on.

Here i have begun to add the photos to my contents page. I chose the images shown on the cover, and begun to edit them on photo shop. I adjusted the levels, to make them stand out on a dark background. I then contrasted this dark colour by adding a auto shape around the image and made it white, i added a drop shadow onto these to make them stand out and look affective fort the viewer to look at.

I particularly like the way in which i have laid out the images, as it gives a unique and effective style, they are a suitable size, clear, and relevant, however do not overcrowd the page of necessary text.

I have then added a large bullet point for my stories. I have done this by adding a simple auto shape and adding a black glow. I then added page numbers inside of these, i think this looks effective, and because they are bold it makes them stand out from the page. They also fit in with the colour scheme. They are nicely spread out on the page in order for the stories to have a suitable layout.

Here is my finished contents page. I have added the text, with a larger heading for each section. This is a typical convention i found in my analysis dividing the page.

I then added the magazine website address above the pictures for extra advertisement.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Front cover

Building my front cover

I have already chosen the title i would like on my cover, and also the main image which will be used.

I am now going to put this together onto a canvas using photo shop.

I am going to make it 20.5cm , 28.5cm with a resolution of 72. This will be suitable for my magazine.

Here i can now see the basis of my front cover and i will now be able to continue filling up the page with smaller text and images.

I have then made the heading slightly smaller and in place added a subheading. This is catchy and in my opinion will be something that becomes well known with the product if it was on the market.
'Bodacious..Bootylicious...& better than before!'
It has a very 'chick' clique to it which will appeal to my female audience.
i have linked the colours of it in with the heading so that the magazine doesn't become too over the top with a lot of colours.

I have then added a bar along the bottom of the page, again a usual convention of existing products.
I have then added 'Win VIP Josie Tickets inside!' which will draw the readers attention as it is something benefiting them, and a offer.

I have carried out the colour scheme still, as the rest of the page and made the text bold and a suitable size to stand out.

Then i have added another strip to the side of the page, this again is the same colour scheme, and stands out from the rest of the page. It is quite large and bold, it is in my opinion eye catching.
This text 'Exclusive: Josie's First ever interview' is bold and is about the main image, it will draw the reader in to want to purchase it as it is exclusive! which will make it better than any other story, and people will want to purchase it.

Here you can see that i have added a date, price, bar code and issue number

I have placed these out of the way of the main body of the page so that it doesn't distract you, they are smaller enough to be seen & not to large to take up excess space.

It is a normal convention to have these features just below the heading as it is something which will appear on every issue.

Here i have begun to add the rest of the text onto the page. I have started with the sub story, you can see that i have a smaller image, i have put this in a auto shape to make it stand out from the page and then added an extra glow for a bright affect to make it fit with the colour theme through out the page.

I have then put the heading of this story underneath the image: i have made the main heading of it a large white font with pink glow, and then added a little quote underneath which is slightly smaller still in the same font and colours.

This is my final product for my front cover of my magazine.
you can see that after the above images that i have filled up the space with the rest of the stories. I have made the text a suitable size, big enough to stand out but not too over crowding.
i have kept with the same theme once again of white writing with a pink glow, and i feel it fits on my page with a good layout.


I have then begun to take photos which will be suitable for my front cover; here are a selection which are in my opinion the best to choose from:

This first image i feel is a good image to select as i have used a attractive female for the model, a common convention used within the already existing products on the market.

She is looking directly at the camera which draws the reader towards the image.

She has a suitable pose to represent that of a music model.

She has a good quality hair and makeup style, which the young audience will focus on to be like the model, and want to aspire to be like her and find out more, therefore want to purchase the magazine.

I especially like this image, with the whistle in her mouth as i feel it has a similar style to a cover which i have analysed in my portfolio, it has a catchy unique style to it

Again the model is looking directly into the camera, and is standing with a good pose.

This is my favourite image which i would choose to use for my front cover: again it is the same attractive model, and she has the whistle for extra effect.

She is looking direct at the audience, but with this one she is also leaning towards the camera which i feel brings the audience even more caught up on the photo as she is drawing you in.

I have decided to use this image for my front cover as my main photo, i am going to however edit the image slightly on photo shop to reach the highest possible standard i can.

Here is the edited version of the above image.

I have adjusted the levels of the photo, so that she doesn't look pale. This has also darkened out the background of the image which means that there is nothing of excess in the picture, and therefore no distractions from the model herself.

I think these effects are very successful, and also look a lot more professional than that of my preliminary work.

As you can see there is a blacked out background. This is what i will be using for the final background of my front cover.


I have then begun to think about the different styles of titles i could have for my front cover.

I have started to experiment with different fonts, sizes and colours to get a variation of options. this will ensure i have a range of choice so that i can successfully choose an appropriate one.

From the examples to the left you can see that i have first started to play around with a single block of colour for the full title.

i decided to put these sample pieces onto a black background and feel that this will be a suitable colour for the base colour of my cover. I think this is good because it means that any bright colour will stand out nice and clearly, and will be bold and eye catching.

From my questionnaire my results suggested that i used either black green or pink, i have therefore started to try out these onto the black background.

I think that with the ones where i have multi colours in the title that there is too much, and it distracts you from the actual text.

I also do not think this is a very professional approach as the usual conventions would be to have one bold colour which stood out. If i am wanting my product to appeal to the market going against these conventions will not make my product a success.

I particularly like this image to the left, with pink text. The font is big, bold and unique. I have also added a white glow to this text which i feel adds an extra effect and makes it more eye catching.

I think it will be suitable for my cover as it meets many of my specifications from my analysis, such as standing out, meeting the correct colours and appealing to a audience.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

flat plan

Here are my initial plans for my four pages.

analysis & questionnaire

I have been given the task of creating a music magazine for my school media project. In this i will have to create a front cover, contents page, and article.

In order for my magazine to be a success i have to aim it at a certain audience so that it appeals to people. To achieve this i am going to first look at the existing products on the market, to see what sorts of things are a popular success.

I have began by looking at the following music magazines front covers and analysed them, so i can focus on what areas i will use to inspire me for my design.

On this magazine the thing which stands out to me the most is the large Q in the corner. I particularly like the red background of this as the white writing then stands out. It looks like there i a shadow around the Q which again makes it stand out, the bold colours are very eye catching.

I can see that there i one large image as the main story, i especially like the way in which the head slightly over laps the title of the magazine, as it gives a sense of importance, that the story is the main part. The image is using the convention of putting an attractive woman on the front cover, which will appeal to the audience. The main heading on the front cover links into this large image, and again by using a bold colour it stands out from the rest of the page.

The theme of red and white text seems to be the theme for the colours of the magazine and i feel this is used to its potential against the black background as it stands out and is clearly visible.

I think the text size is of a suitable size and it spaced out adequately, as there isn't a over crowding of stories on the page.

At the bottom of the page i like how there is a large bar advertising something FREE as it will make the reader want to purchase it. This light grey bar contrasts against the darker background and stands out from the page.

The bar code is small and situated out of the way of the important text so that it doesn't distract from the contents of the page.

On this second magazine cover there are lighter colours being used compared to the 1st which i analysed. I still think everything stands out, as the contrast in the text is much darker than the background.

The image again uses the convention of having a attractive woman as the main pose. It is a large image again which shows that it is the main story of the magazine. Her head partially covers the title, however you are still able to read what it says.

The title is bold and large compared to the other text on the page, and uses a bright colour to stand out from the rest.

The sub stories are spread out around the outside of the page to a suitable place, and are not over crowding. The text is all at a reasonable size for you to be able to read but not to large that there is hardly any writing.

I particularly like the way in which there is a larger bold comment 'how will it end' after one of the stories as i think this draws your attention.

Again the bar code is placed out of the way of the rest of the layout so it doesn't distract the reader.

This magazine in my opinion appeals to a different audience to the first two. There is much more Gothic genre to the theme of it, this is achieved by using dark colours. I think it would appeal to a male audience, the image on the front is this time on a group of male models. There is a much more rougher feel to the theme of the cover, than the 'girlieness' of the others. There is again a large heading which stands out, and wit the effect of almost a smash in it gives it again the Gothic appeal.

I think the writing and images are all of a size which doesn't over crowd the cover, and again in contrast to this doesn't look to sparse.

The dark makeup on the models show there controversial style which would once again only appeal to the Gothic audience. This will draw the attention of the reader and make them look up to the models and want to be like them.

This Q contents page follows the same conventions as the front cover. There is the same logo in the top left corner and the colour scheme is continued throughout. The large image is in a natural environment, the four male models contrast to that of Madonna on the front cover. There is one large column which suggests they are the main stories throughout, i feel the layout is very well thought of in here, as the text is a suitable size, so it is clear to read but there is enough space to present the reasonable amount of text. The page number are nice and bold and big enough to stand out, and the text writing is again red and black which contrasts with the white background.

From my analysis on the above covers and contents page i now have an idea of what aspects are essential to achieve a product like that of ones on the existing market which people are going to want to purchase.
  • I will ensure i have a bold heading which will stand out from the magazine and be eye catching for viewers.

  • I am going to use contrasting covers between the background and text so that the text doesn't blend in to the rest of the page.

  • I realise that the text needs to be a suitable size, font and colour so that it is clearly readable and doesn't overcrowd the page.

  • I will ensure i have a good quality image in the middle of my front cover, preferably a large image which will attract you to want to read it.

  • I may make my magazine contain a slogan, in a footer bar along the bottom of my page which will make it unique from others.

For my contents page i will have:

  • a suitable spread out page, containing images & text.

  • i will continue the colour scheme and any themes from the front cover to the contents page

  • i will then ensure that the text is a suitable size for the amount which needs to be added.

These are just a few aspects which i have picked up on from existing market products, however i feel that i need to do more research into what the market is looking for from a brand new product.

I have decided to create a questionnaire for 20 people to fill out, this will consist of a series of multiple choice questions, i will then gather the information from this and start to think about what feature will be suitable for my product.

Below you can see the questions and results of my questionnaire.

Do you buy music magazines?

Yes --- 14
No --- 6

Which kind of music do you prefer?

Pop-rock --- 9
Hip Hop --- 4
Indie --- 2
Country --- 0
Dance --- 5

Which colours would you like to see in the magazine?

Green --- 8

Black --- 7
Yellow --- 1
Pink --- 4
Orange --- 0

Which of the following titles would you prefer?

Beat --- 15
Baseline --- 2
Electric --- 3
Rhythm --- 0

What would you like the magazine to contain?

Gossip columns --- 1
Beauty tips --- 4
Celeb interviews --- 15

6 . How much would you be willing to pay for this magazine?

£1.50 - £2.50 --- 12
£2.50 - £3.50 --- 4
£3.50+ --- 4

Would you prefer a male or female on the front cover?

Male --- 5
Female --- 15

It is clear from the highlighted values which were there highest. I will therefore aim to create my product so that it is aimed at a 'pop/rock' audience, i then chose the highest three values for the colour scheme so that i have a selection of pink green and black to choose from. I will have the title of my magazine as 'Beat', have celeb interviews in the contents, aim for the price to be no more than £2.50, and aim it at a female audience, all of the people i asked where between 14 & 18, this therefore makes me suggest that it will be suitable for a teenage audience.

Now that i have the basis of my product i will be able to start thinking about building it.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Preliminary Work !!

I have opened this blog as part of my A-level Media course work.
As part of my preliminary work i had to produce a front cover and contents page for a school magazine. I first of all had to take photos for the cover:

Below you can see the photo which i chose for my front cover: I liked this image as it was a suitable medium shot of the model looking directly into the camera, i thought this would be good for my main image on the front cover as it draws the reader straight to it.

I then edited the photo on Pphoto shop to cut out the person and get rid of the background, this was so that the focus was totally on the model and not the distractions of what was going on in the background. I then placed the photo onto a coloured background still on photo shop and added a title and surrounding subheadings and images. I made the title Big and bold, and a totally different colour from the background so that it didn't just blend in. I then added a drop shadow to the heading to make it more eye catching. I added a bar code and menu bar along the bottom of the page, with bold text in it to encourage the buyer to purchase it.

Here are my finished front cover and contents page.

On my contents page I have used a light background and darker text, this contrast means that you can clearly read the text. I again added a large title so that it stands out and then carried on the theme of the school logo. I added large page numbers so they are bold and clearly visible and then had a small sub paragraph of each page story. With the images i have added a auto shape behind them and added a drop shadow to this, this gives the image more effect and makes it look like it is standing out from the page.