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For my article i have first created a double page title, on this i have added a large image, and then on the opposite side of the page, i have a large heading and a article introduction.
I have kept the same house style as the rest of my pages, and used black & pink.
I have however used green and yellow text on my first page of my article as it links in with the colours of the photo.

Here is my first double page.

I have made my article based on what questions i think will appeal to my audience.

here is my article interview.

In the space of just 6 weeks it has sure been proven that Josie is already a popular hit in the public eye! Not only has she released her new album, set dates for her up and coming tour, bought a £3million 2nd home in LA and climbed straight to the top of the charts she has managed to juggle her busy lifestyle and live her new celeb lifestyle in London pubs and clubs, but things haven’t always been this good, Josie tells us all about her troubled childhood and crushed dreams!

Were all dying to here where this all begun...
It’s simple really every singer has longed to be where I am now since they were watching their idols and singing in the mirror with a hairbrush. I started singing when I was only about 4, performed in a number of talent shows at school and been involved in a singing school since the age of 7. It all just grew from there really, a dream come true!
But you make it sound so easy; we know you’ve got yourself through a few troubles on your way?
Yes, definitely one of the down falls of all this popularity and publicity is that your family life is always brought up no matter how much in the past it is. My mum became involved in drugs when I was only 12, she left me and my 3 older brothers, this was really hard for us all but we’ve brought our way through it as a family, even if it does mean she hasn’t been with me through all this recent success.
Sorry to hear about that, so we heard earlier you used to sing in the mirror and aspire to be like you’re idol, who’s been the person you’ve always looked up to?
It’s got to be Mariah Carey, no doubt about it, love her! ,, She’s just so perfect, everyone loves her.
So a full album to look forward to hearing, sounds good, we know they are all your own songs what your favourite?
Well my number 1 has to be the winner; it’s called bubble gum for all those who haven’t heard it. It was actually my second song I produced, really catchy and was great to record. You will love it, I do! I even got to spend time in St Tropez for the shooting of my video, so much fun!
Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself, so how are you baring with hearing yourself on the radio, or seeing yourself on T.V?
Oh, it’s still really exciting, I still have a smile on my face when I hear my name on the radio, and love all those people coming up to me and asking for my autograph, it’s so surreal at the moment, I can’t believe I’ve finally achieved my dream! I’m not going to lie being in the public eye really is as good as it looks, although yes there are the downsides of not having your own privacy, my family history as an example but I’m just loving it!
We can see you’ve been busy with your new exciting work load, but what have you managed to do in your spare time?
I love to do what any other girl does... shopping, partying and chilling with friends, I may lead a busy lifestyle compared to what I’ve been used to but, a girls ‘gotta’ do what she does best, and when a bit of free time comes my way I just can’t resist a good old pamper!
A number 1, fantastic achievement for you, but which female singers do you see yourself competing against most?
Well to be honest I’m not trying to make any enemies this early into my career, I’ve just got to take every hurdle as it is thrown at me and if that means having to work extra hard to compete with other singers then so be it, but I can’t put my finger on anybody in specific right now, come back to me on that one next time, and I may have a different answer! [She laughs].
We’ll look forward to it... so who have you made friends with out there in the celeb world and who do you dislike while where on that note?
Well as you know I’ve recently bought a LA home, I’ve met loads of great people when I’ve been over there, Lindsay Lohan I’ve become really close to her, can't beat a Lindsay party, I don’t no really, there’s loads of new people, but of course when I’m back here in the UK I still keep in touch with all of my friends from my London home. My boyfriend Nick, he’s been great through all of the big changes, I still see him but with all of the extra work it’s hard to spend as much time together. When I’m away we’re never off the phone at night, I love him! As for dislikes I couldn’t say, like I said before I’m not one to make enemies, I have to say though Duffy seems a bit stuck up at times, I’ve never spoke to her so I shouldn’t comment though... next question quick!
We’ve heard about the shooting of your video, so the next big step is your tour!
Yes, I can’t wait, I’ve been so busy preparing, learning all dance moves, rehearsing songs over and over again, and having to be fitted for all my fab costumes! I’m such a girly girl and all of this is just so exciting, I love being taken care of so makeup and hair trials are brilliant! It’s such hard work at the same time though, I’m going to be touring in 6 arenas throughout the UK, The o2 being the one I’m most excited for. My best friend Louise is coming with me through the whole tour, I couldn’t cope with all of this if it wasn’t for her, when I have one of my breakdowns at 3 in the morning she’s the one been on the other end of the phone, my right hip! But yeah, the whole thing is so surreal at the minute and to be honest I don’t think it will sink in until I’m performing in front of thousands!
This has all happened so quickly, where do you see yourself this time next year?
No-one can say where they are going to be in a year’s time but I would like to think I’ll still be keeping up the success in my career, I am trying to seal a deal for my 2nd album in November of this year, but long term I really want to perform worldwide, I’ve worked so hard to get this far I just don’t want it to end!
And finally the question we can’t resist asking... if you were taken to a desert island which lucky man would you wish to be there with?
My boyfriend of course, I mean someone like Mr Channing Tatum could never go a miss I suppose [laughs] but for now I’ll stick to my Nick!

For my 2Nd double page, i have the full interview. I have then added a large image in the top right corner of the page, which is the pop stars CD cover, i have also added a few photos down the side of this, which links in with the theme on my contents page.

I have added affects to the photos, such as light levels to make them look more effective. I have also added a black auto shape to the smaller images to make them stand out more.

The questions and answers on the article are different colours so that it is clear, and have added page numbers to the corners to match with those on my contents page. Here is my final article page.

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