Friday, 1 May 2009

Contents page

I no that for my contents page i want a balance of images and text.

I also want to continue the colour scheme from the front page

You can now see that i have created another canvas on photo shop in order to create my contents page. i have made the page the same dimensions and resolution as the front cover.

Here is the beginning of my contents page, you can see that i have continued the colour scheme of the magazine, and have put a pink background. I have then added a bold title, with the same style font as the cover. The writing stands out and is clear to read. I have added the same subheading to the title, as this is unique to my magazine and will appear all of the time.

I have also added a copy of my cover to the contents page, i have made this smaller and in the corner along side my title.

I think this is good and a typical convention used on contents pages, as it shows the main story titles from the cover and you can quickly find out which page number they are on.

Here i have begun to add the photos to my contents page. I chose the images shown on the cover, and begun to edit them on photo shop. I adjusted the levels, to make them stand out on a dark background. I then contrasted this dark colour by adding a auto shape around the image and made it white, i added a drop shadow onto these to make them stand out and look affective fort the viewer to look at.

I particularly like the way in which i have laid out the images, as it gives a unique and effective style, they are a suitable size, clear, and relevant, however do not overcrowd the page of necessary text.

I have then added a large bullet point for my stories. I have done this by adding a simple auto shape and adding a black glow. I then added page numbers inside of these, i think this looks effective, and because they are bold it makes them stand out from the page. They also fit in with the colour scheme. They are nicely spread out on the page in order for the stories to have a suitable layout.

Here is my finished contents page. I have added the text, with a larger heading for each section. This is a typical convention i found in my analysis dividing the page.

I then added the magazine website address above the pictures for extra advertisement.

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