Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have then begun to take photos which will be suitable for my front cover; here are a selection which are in my opinion the best to choose from:

This first image i feel is a good image to select as i have used a attractive female for the model, a common convention used within the already existing products on the market.

She is looking directly at the camera which draws the reader towards the image.

She has a suitable pose to represent that of a music model.

She has a good quality hair and makeup style, which the young audience will focus on to be like the model, and want to aspire to be like her and find out more, therefore want to purchase the magazine.

I especially like this image, with the whistle in her mouth as i feel it has a similar style to a cover which i have analysed in my portfolio, it has a catchy unique style to it

Again the model is looking directly into the camera, and is standing with a good pose.

This is my favourite image which i would choose to use for my front cover: again it is the same attractive model, and she has the whistle for extra effect.

She is looking direct at the audience, but with this one she is also leaning towards the camera which i feel brings the audience even more caught up on the photo as she is drawing you in.

I have decided to use this image for my front cover as my main photo, i am going to however edit the image slightly on photo shop to reach the highest possible standard i can.

Here is the edited version of the above image.

I have adjusted the levels of the photo, so that she doesn't look pale. This has also darkened out the background of the image which means that there is nothing of excess in the picture, and therefore no distractions from the model herself.

I think these effects are very successful, and also look a lot more professional than that of my preliminary work.

As you can see there is a blacked out background. This is what i will be using for the final background of my front cover.

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