Thursday, 30 April 2009

Front cover

Building my front cover

I have already chosen the title i would like on my cover, and also the main image which will be used.

I am now going to put this together onto a canvas using photo shop.

I am going to make it 20.5cm , 28.5cm with a resolution of 72. This will be suitable for my magazine.

Here i can now see the basis of my front cover and i will now be able to continue filling up the page with smaller text and images.

I have then made the heading slightly smaller and in place added a subheading. This is catchy and in my opinion will be something that becomes well known with the product if it was on the market.
'Bodacious..Bootylicious...& better than before!'
It has a very 'chick' clique to it which will appeal to my female audience.
i have linked the colours of it in with the heading so that the magazine doesn't become too over the top with a lot of colours.

I have then added a bar along the bottom of the page, again a usual convention of existing products.
I have then added 'Win VIP Josie Tickets inside!' which will draw the readers attention as it is something benefiting them, and a offer.

I have carried out the colour scheme still, as the rest of the page and made the text bold and a suitable size to stand out.

Then i have added another strip to the side of the page, this again is the same colour scheme, and stands out from the rest of the page. It is quite large and bold, it is in my opinion eye catching.
This text 'Exclusive: Josie's First ever interview' is bold and is about the main image, it will draw the reader in to want to purchase it as it is exclusive! which will make it better than any other story, and people will want to purchase it.

Here you can see that i have added a date, price, bar code and issue number

I have placed these out of the way of the main body of the page so that it doesn't distract you, they are smaller enough to be seen & not to large to take up excess space.

It is a normal convention to have these features just below the heading as it is something which will appear on every issue.

Here i have begun to add the rest of the text onto the page. I have started with the sub story, you can see that i have a smaller image, i have put this in a auto shape to make it stand out from the page and then added an extra glow for a bright affect to make it fit with the colour theme through out the page.

I have then put the heading of this story underneath the image: i have made the main heading of it a large white font with pink glow, and then added a little quote underneath which is slightly smaller still in the same font and colours.

This is my final product for my front cover of my magazine.
you can see that after the above images that i have filled up the space with the rest of the stories. I have made the text a suitable size, big enough to stand out but not too over crowding.
i have kept with the same theme once again of white writing with a pink glow, and i feel it fits on my page with a good layout.

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