Thursday, 30 April 2009


I have then begun to think about the different styles of titles i could have for my front cover.

I have started to experiment with different fonts, sizes and colours to get a variation of options. this will ensure i have a range of choice so that i can successfully choose an appropriate one.

From the examples to the left you can see that i have first started to play around with a single block of colour for the full title.

i decided to put these sample pieces onto a black background and feel that this will be a suitable colour for the base colour of my cover. I think this is good because it means that any bright colour will stand out nice and clearly, and will be bold and eye catching.

From my questionnaire my results suggested that i used either black green or pink, i have therefore started to try out these onto the black background.

I think that with the ones where i have multi colours in the title that there is too much, and it distracts you from the actual text.

I also do not think this is a very professional approach as the usual conventions would be to have one bold colour which stood out. If i am wanting my product to appeal to the market going against these conventions will not make my product a success.

I particularly like this image to the left, with pink text. The font is big, bold and unique. I have also added a white glow to this text which i feel adds an extra effect and makes it more eye catching.

I think it will be suitable for my cover as it meets many of my specifications from my analysis, such as standing out, meeting the correct colours and appealing to a audience.

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